15 Spring Perfumes We’re LOVING This Season

By Mirielle Wright 

Spring is quickly approaching, meaning it may be time to swap out your heavy winter scents for lighter, fresher fragrances. It’s the perfect opportunity, or perhaps the perfect excuse, to refresh your fragrance collection and indulge in a scent that captures the season.
While we typically think of floral scents for springtime, this season offers so much more than just flowers. Our curated list celebrates spring's multifaceted nature with a diverse lineup to suit every mood and moment - discover cozy, comforting scents ideal for curling up with a good book on a rainy day, zesty, invigorating aromas that’ll transport you to sipping a crisp, cool beverage on a sunny patio, and even green, dewy notes encapsulating the lush greenery of the season. And for our floral lovers - don’t fret, we have some great floral picks here too. Our team at Ourside has got you covered - we’ve pulled together a list of our favorites to find a little something for everyone.
Continue reading to find your signature scent for the spring season! 

Dama Bianca, Xerjoff

Dama Bianca is for those who love a clean, musky, and sophisticated floral. With key notes of violet, jasmine, kumquat, and ambrette, Dama Bianca is a soft aroma reminiscent of an expensive spa lotion. The lactonic vanilla takes center stage, yet it remains slightly sweet and fresh from the florals and sparkling fruits. This scent transports us to a lush garden with a sun-soaked blue sky filled with fluffy clouds. 

Tea Service, Chasing Scents 

There’s something about the arrival of spring that makes us crave the refreshing treat of a freshly brewed cup of tea. Our next pick, Tea Service by Chasing Scents, instantly makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm hug of jasmine tea and honey. With notes of oolong, jasmine, peach and osmanthus, this scent gives you all the freshness of springtime. It is absolutely perfect for those milder spring days, with its enveloping cozy aroma. 

Wonderland Peony, Floral Street

For our sweet lovers, Wonderland Peony is a candy-sweet floral fragrance perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. This perfume is full of fun notes such as raspberry bloom, guava, red berries, sicilian lemon, and cotton candy. If the color pink was a perfume, it would be this. Albeit a bit juveline, there’s something some addictive about this fragrance. If this scent profile is your thing, it’s definitely worth a snif! 

Syren, Maya Jiye 

Syren is a new fragrance by perfumer Maya Jiye, and it is a truly stunning floral fragrance. Inspired by jasmine blooming in summertime, its floral focus makes it perfect for spring as well. This scent is anything but simple - its jasmine heart is balanced with fruits, green notes, sea salt accords, and a mossy-ambergris base. We absolutely love the complexity of this scent with its zesty bergamot, juicy peach, lilac, sage, and cedar notes, making it a unique twist on the classic floral. And of course, we at Ourside also love that this beautiful creation was developed by a Black woman perfumer. 

Moon Dust, Ourside 

Obviously, we just HAD to include an Ourside fragrance on this list. But as fragrance connoisseurs ourselves, Moon Dust truly stands out as an exceptional spring perfume. It starts with a burst of zesty grapefruit and warm jasmine, then you’re met with fresh mint and anise. Finally, it grounds you with notes of Haitian vetiver and palo santo. Fresh and citrusy with depth, this scent is rounded, yet complex. It is minimal and intoxicating all at once. Simply stated - you need it. 

Musk Therapy, Initio Parfums 

Musk Therapy, as it is so appropriately named, is a musk lover’s dream. Clean and fresh, this scent captures the essence of fresh-out-the-shower with a sprinkle of angel dust. Imagine you took a fresh, warm bath with expensive soap, and the aroma of whipped cream fills the air. Blended with white musk, sandalwood, bergamot and a hint of magnolia, this perfume is both clean and cozy - perfect for spring. 

Father Figure, Phlur 

Now while spring can be blooming and warm, it can also be lush, green and cool. Phlur takes us on a beautiful journey through those woods with Father Figure. Fresh fig is the star of this fragrance, supported by dewy cassis, orris root, patchouli and the creamy accords of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. We love the duality of this fragrance - the seemly juxtaposing fresh and the lactonic notes combine into something just right. If you like green fragrances, this is a must try. 

Ascension, Savoir Faire 

We are absolutely loving Ascension, launched by fellow Black owned brand Savior Faire. As described by the brand, Ascension is “where the ground and heavens meet and make love,” and frankly we’d have to agree. It highlights notes of blue lotus, papyrus, fig, Haitian vetiver, Japanese cedar, Black pepper, and pear musk. A truly unisex fragrance, Ascension beautifully blends the fresh and earthy, producing a stunning, sultry composition. 

Delina La Rosée, Parfums de Marly 

Arguably the most famous flower, could this list be complete without rose? Of course not. 
Delina La Rosée is a fresher take on its incredibly popular older sister, Delina by Parfums de Marly. In our opinion, Delina La Rosée stands on own. Centered around dewy, fresh Turkish rose, it also has notes of lychee, pear, peony and bergamot. The juicy fruits and watery notes bring that freshness that we crave during the warmer months. Yes, this fragrance is simple, but it’s masterfully done. If you are a rose lover and haven’t smelled Delina La Rosée, give this one a try. 

Soft Lawn, Imaginary Authors 

A unique and interesting one, Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors centers around a tennis ball note. Supported by linden blossom, grapefruit, oakmoss, and veitver, this fragrance provides a blast of freshness that dries down to a woody, green composition. It’s smells like dewy, freshly cut grass with a light sweetness and aromatic depth. Perhaps it’s the tennis ball note (which you do smell, but it somehow works), but this one is both energizing and comforting. 

Perfume de la Tierra, Ceremonia

Ceremonia describes their new fragrance as having the “woodiness of a vibrant, humid rainforest.” Perfume de la Tierra truly transports you to the lush, warm rainforest with its delicate blend of peach, bergamot, vetiver, basil, and driftwood. As you wear it, you get whispers of spicyness from the ginger and pink pepper. The woody, earthy, almost smoky aroma is perfect for lovers of unisex fragrances. A warm day in a bottle, this one surely ushers in the sunshine. 

Laurel Canyon, 1966, Thin Wild Mercury

Zesty, earthy, and slightly sweet Laurel Canyon, 1966 by Thin Wild Mercury is both nostalgic and utterly unique. Zesty notes of sweet orange and grapefruit create a citrusy opening, giving way the fragrance’s heart of earthy cannabis and petitgrain. A touch of floral jasmine and spicy clove adds complexity, with patchouli and ambergris bringing everything together. Inspired by the laid-back yet effervescent spirit of 1960s California counterculture, this unisex scent is perfect for everyday. 

Diptyque,  L'Eau Papier Eau de Toilette

Easy, minimalistic, and profoundly addictive, L'Eau Papier is a warm, fuzzy blanket of a fragrance. It opens with delicate hints of sesame and musk, enveloping you in an inviting softness. As it unfurls, the heart reveals a beautiful mimosa note, slightly powdery and delicately floral, resting atop a base of creamy, musky woods. For those seeking a refined, unisex skin scent for spring that is anything but conventional, this Diptyque creation is a must.

Ingenious Ginger, Goldfield & Banks Australia

Fresh and zesty, our last two fragrances all center around the note of ginger. Goldfield & Banks’ recent release, Ingenious Ginger, has notes such as ginger (of course), lemon, mandarin orange, vanilla and cashmeran. It’s sweet, citrusy, fresh yet warm. There’s a fizzy, sparkling quality of this fragrance reminiscent of a crisp, refreshing ginger ale. An invigorating springtime spritz if there ever was one, Ingenious Ginger is perfect for warm spring day.

I Don’t Need a Prince By My Side to Be a Princess, Kilian

They say April showers bring May flowers. If you’re looking for the perfect scent for those rainy, not-so-warm days, look no farther than I Don’t Need a Prince By My Side to Be a Princess. Yes, this fragrance receives a lot of hype on social media… but we think it’s well worth it. A cozy blend of green tea, marshmallow, ginger, vanilla and benzoin, this intoxicating, sweet and spicy fragrance is the perfect springtime pick-me-up.