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 Crafted to reflect your individuality

5 Reasons Why Us


Crafted to offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

We blend our fragrances with high quality ingredients. You’re worth it, so we spend more than traditional brands on our raw ingredients, even opting for Organic Cane alcohol and a blend of powerful natural and safe synthetic ingredients.


Long-lasting scent.

Our fragrances are designed to last as long as your day...or night goes! Sniff us at hour one or hour five, and you’ll get a captivating whiff no matter what time it is.


Cruelty-free & Earth-friendly.

We say no so you don’t have to...to animal testing, potentially harmful ingredients, and more. Our fragrances are good for you and gentle to the planet, which is a win-win. We say no to: parabens, nitromusks, phtlatates, and more, so goodbye to your headaches caused by every day scents.


Fragrances made with character.

We make our fragrances in the Bronx, NY with recyclable boxes, so when you choose Ourside, you give back to the community and mind your carbon footprint. When you choose Ourside, you live your values with every spray!


Versatile scents.

We offer a range of scents that can be worn in any season or occasion, so you can have a fragrance for every mood and situation.

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